Security Made Simple

Developed by Palmer Retail Solutions for the cellular industry, our CELLMATE and TabletVAULT line of security products provide exceptional security for live powered devices without expensive alarms or proprietary connectors. Simplicity of design, ease of use, durability and the ability to update the units for a fraction of what other devices cost are what make Palmer security products so special. 

The Two Part CELLMATE System
  1. A CELLMATE or TabletVAULT permanent hardened steel holder
  2. The Cellblock, an updateable acrylic block machined to match the specific dimensions of each handheld device.

The CELLMATE or TabletVAULT pedestal base need only be purchased once, while the economical acrylic Cellblocks can be updated as necessary to allow you to display the latest wireless devices.

Click here to see the cellmate in action.

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