Where are you located?/Where do you ship to?

We are located in Fraser, MI, just outside of Detroit. We ship to all 50 United States, and have freight solutions for Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, and Canada.

Can I pick my order up at your warehouse?

You can set up a time to pick up from our warehouse. Please note that any orders being picked up from our location must be pre-paid, and are subject to 6% Michigan Sales Tax.

Do you have a Showroom? / Can I stop in and buy fixtures in person?

We do not currently have a showroom.

For larger fixtures you would need to set up a pick up time ahead of time.

I have a store space, but am not sure what will fit. Can you help me?

Absolutely! We provide no-cost store layout services that allow you to visualize how fixtures will work in your space. We will need the dimensions and pertinent information of the store, and any sales requirements you have to begin a layout for you.

I have fixtures that someone else built that need repair. Can you do that?

Unfortunately, if we were not the company that built the original fixtures we cannot be sure that any repair pieces we make would properly fit the existing item.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

We charge sales tax on orders shipping to 8 states: CA, IL, GA, MI, NC, NJ, NY, and TX.

What is typical turn time for fixtures?

For a stocked store fixture we can typically ship out within 48 hours of payment.

Kiosks are made-to-order, and a non-custom kiosk build is typically 4-6 weeks from order entry to shipping.

All custom fixtures are typically 6-8 weeks to allow time for new engineering and material purchase.

I have a design that I like, can you replicate it?

As long as your design is not proprietary we can work with you to re-create any design you already have. During the design process we may “Palmerize” the design, streamlining it to our manufacturing specs to save both time and money for the build.

How do you price items?

All of our pricing is based on 3 factors: Material, Labor, and Volume. Ordering a larger quantity of any item, from acrylics to full fixture sets, will allow for a lower cost as we amortize the price of manufacturing across more items.

Do you handle permitting for stores/kiosks?

Palmer Promotional does not handle permitting for in-line or kiosk locations. Permits will generally require someone on-site to work with the municipality. We can supply any documentation, or fixture information that may be needed for the permit process.

Any Other Questions?

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