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10 Kiosk Solutions for Minimizing Theft

Posted by Kathy Heil on Oct 18, 2016 2:42:28 PM

Kiosk Solutions for Minimizing TheftIt’s that time of year again. The final quarter – one you hope is jam-packed with buying customers. However, increased traffic can also lead to increased concerns. Your kiosk is now more vulnerable than ever to theft from shoplifters and – sadly – employees. Happily, there are many kiosk solutions you can use to reduce your risk of theft. And, the more vigilant you are, the merrier your year-end bottom line will be.

10 Kiosk Solutions for Minimizing Theft

  1. Kiosk solutions to prevent theft start with your displays. It’s tough enough to watch a 360o set-up, so arrange fixtures and merchandise to avoid blind spots. You want to keep an eye on shoppers as well as products.

  2. Shoplifters are a lot craftier, and, in many cases, better organized, than you might think. There are five common shoplifting tactics you need to know, so you can be on the lookout.

  3. Always make eye contact and greet shoppers. Ask if they need help. Engaging with people not only makes it harder for someone to steal your merchandise, it makes it easier to sell to real customers.

  4. Hire carefully, whether permanent or temporary employees. Background checks can pay for themselves if you’re able to avoid hiring mistakes.

  5. Train employees well. You can suffer surprising losses merely due to innocent paperwork mistakes. Clearly state your honesty expectations, and explain the theft-prevention solutions you have in place. Teach them to identify suspicious shopper behavior. And how to contact mall security unobtrusively if necessary.

  6. If you aren’t always there, let your employee know you’ll be stopping by randomly. Then do it. While you’re there, take a few minutes to spot-check your inventory and cash drawer.

  7. Change your computer passwords often – again, randomly.

  8. One of the most effective theft deterrents is signage. Clearly announce that you’re watching (an eye motif works better than words for this purpose), and that your policy is to prosecute shoplifters. The signs will also help remind potentially larcenous employees that you’re not a good target.

  9. Law enforcement experts warn you should never accost a suspected thief. You can try a “friendly” approach – are you ready to pay for that now? Otherwise, call the authorities and let them handle it.

  10. Check out the many retail loss prevention resources available from the National Retail Federation.

Consider this: brick-and-mortar retailers and in-line mall stores have more resources than you do when it comes to implementing anti-theft measures. They often have video surveillance and other security systems that kiosks do not. They have people whose only job is loss prevention. Yet they collectively suffer $30 million in merchandise losses annually. Is there any wonder your kiosk is vulnerable, too?

Thieves of all types are counting on you to be distracted during the busy holidays. With proper preparation, you can outfox them, and minimize theft at your kiosk.

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