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6 Fall Sale Ideas That Will Bring Customers in the Door

Posted by Kathy Heil on Sep 29, 2017 11:03:46 AM

fall saleWe know fall is officially here because the calendar tells us so. But does it feel like fall where you live? Each season appeals to our five senses in its own way. The fragrance of fresh apples. Changing colors. The rustle of fallen leaves. The cushiony softness of warmer clothing. The mouth-watering spice of pumpkin pie.

If you want to bring more customers in the door this fall, focus on fall sales ideas that appeal to the senses. Here are just a few examples:

1. Delight the senses with decorations.

Use real or homemade fall leaves, pumpkins and gourds, and pumpkin-spice scented anything from cookies to candles (you don’t have to light them!). Decorate outside your door as well as in your windows, and jazz it up with seasonally-colorful twinkly lights.

2. Tempt them with food and beverage.

Foodie businesses should offer pumpkin-focused menu specialties – both edibles and beverages. But any store can warm up their customers’ experience with “congenial offerings” such as pumpkin cookies and spiced cider. Or kick it up a notch with a tea tasting event or a wine tasting. Don’t sell those products? Partner with another business and double your exposure!

3. Get creative with holidays.

Besides the obvious fall celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are many other specially-designated days throughout the year that you can easily find something relevant to your store and customers. Or something purely off-the-wall.

September is Fall Hat Month, but it’s also Self-Improvement Month. And National Piano Month. Invite a local pianist to play in your store, and the sweet sounds will not only bring customers in the door but encourage them to shop longer and put them in the mood to buy.

4. Get messy.

Nothing engages customers more than hands-on activities. That includes interaction with your merchandise. But why stop there? Host an in-store, age-appropriate pumpkin carving contest for your customers. Too messy? Hand out colored markers so contestants can draw on their pumpkins instead. Give discount coupons (or loyalty rewards points) to all participants. Then, display their work and use social media to invite shoppers to visit and vote on their favorites.

5. Partner with a cause.

A sense of community matters to people. Designate a time period – or specific products – and donate to a charity or community program for every purchase. Choose a local favorite or support victims of one of the recent international natural disasters. If you’re pet-friendly, partner with a local shelter for a meet-and-greet with adoptable pets.

6. Plan one more back-to-school sale.

Yes, school has already started, but many parents try to avoid the seasonal mania, waiting a few weeks until things settle down to outfit their kids with clothes, supplies, etc. Having a “final fling” for school will appeal to their sense of thriftiness. That may not be one of the five senses, but it’s one all shoppers can certainly relate to.

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