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9 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Merchandise for Your Retail End Caps

Posted by Kathy Heil on Dec 30, 2015 3:38:39 PM

Valentine's Day Merchandise

Retail end caps naturally attract shoppers. Filled with the right merchandise, they’re proven winners, all year long. Four types of merchandise are considered ideal for end caps. Valentine’s Day merchandise is the perfect choice, because it fits every category:

  • The latest, must-have items
  • Seasonal items
  • Holiday items
  • Special one-time purchases

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 Here are 9 tips to give your retail end caps extra allure for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Christmas may be over, but the holiday tips you used to customize your store fixtures – including end caps – also apply to Valentine’s Day. The merchandise may be different, but smart visual merchandising techniques all remain the same.
  2. Use some of your end caps to display traditional items, and some to feature trendy or non-traditional goodies. Who says the love of your customer’s life wouldn’t rather receive apparel, sports gear, or auto parts instead of (or in addition to) the usual candy and flowers? You don’t have to go crazy decorating for Valentine’s Day or devote an extra-large amount of space to it, but it’s a mistake to discount the opportunity to increase revenue, no matter what you sell.
  3. End caps are excellent locations to display groupings of related merchandise. You can boost sales via the power of suggestion by offering multiple items. Consider pre-packaging groupings, in baskets or simply tied with fancy red and white ribbon. Your end caps will look prettier and more alluring, and last-minute shoppers will love the pre-wrapped convenience.
  4. Valentine’s Day is the most impulsive of all holidays. End caps enable you to capitalize on that because you can feature items that are perfect for that Special Someone and also merchandise customers can buy to “gift” themselves.
  5. Freshness is essential to boost sales with end caps. Start promoting Valentine’s Day items early, and change up merchandise or the way you’ve arranged displays frequently. That adds intrigue and keeps shoppers interested and buying.
  6. Use specialty lighting – strands of twinkly LED lights or light-ropes, spotlights, etc. Well-positioned lights decorate and catch the eye. They also highlight entire end caps or specific items, giving then irresistible sparkle.
  7. Breathe new life into slow-moving items by grouping them with popular items for last-minute sales. Or use a couple of end caps to draw attention to your post-Valentine’s clearance items.
  8. Create interest in your Valentine’s Day merchandise before shoppers even arrive in the store. Post photos of your retail end caps on Facebook, tweet gift ideas to your followers, and email your loyal customers an invitation to your exclusive “we love our best customers” Valentine’s preview event.
  9. For maximum sales, it is always important to have plenty of inventory on-hand to keep your end caps filled. This is crucial for Valentine’s Day. It is a short-season selling opportunity – the holiday most notorious for its last-minute rush. You won’t have time to order more merchandise, and if you’re running low you’ll lose out on critical sales.

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