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Benefits of Incorporating Digital Signage in Your Kiosk

Posted by Kathy Heil on Feb 2, 2017 5:41:35 PM

Digital Signage in your KioskKiosks have become highly popular with retailers, no doubt because they’re so versatile. Your kiosk could be a stand-alone, self-service merchandise display – perhaps with a touchscreen shoppers can use to interact with the product in some way. Or, perhaps you operate a mall kiosk as a mini-store. Whatever your kiosk’s purpose, digital signage can give it a powerful boost.

Separate, but complementary

Digital signage is often used to deliver information – advertising, directions, etc. so you might think of it as an alternative to printed signage. But digital technology allows you to use photos and video, too – with or without text. Pictures draw more attention than words. And moving images draw more attention than anything static. Digital signage can incorporate audio, too.

Small kiosks that offer a specific product or service typically accommodate just one person at a time, whereas digital signage can be virtually any size. You can use it to enhance a small kiosk or a merchandise display, or provide longer-distance visibility for your mall kiosk. With a touchscreen, digital signage becomes interactive.

What can digital signage do for your kiosk?

No matter what your goals, adding digital signage makes it easier to achieve them. You can:

  • Strengthen your branding.
  • Clarify the purpose of your kiosk.
  • Attract attention from farther away.
  • Maintain visibility, even when your business is closed.
  • Answer common customer questions, increasing convenience and efficiency, and freeing up sales staff for more “advanced” personal interactions with shoppers.
  • Improve ADA accessibility compliance.
  • Enhance overall customer experience.

Tips on incorporating digital signage

  • Provide additional information about how to use the kiosk or the products on display.
  • Promote special offers for the product(s) on display.
  • Use photos or video to promote or demonstrate merchandise.
  • Change content frequently, just as you would refresh your merchandise displays.
  • Promote your loyalty program, with targeted in-store coupons or other rewards.
  • Engage shoppers with a quick survey (just 1-3 questions). The more you learn about their preferences, the better you can target your own buying and merchandising decisions.
  • Enable customers to research your merchandise, choose components to build a personally-tailored product, order online for in-store pickup, or make payments.

Place digital signage where it will have maximum visibility – as part of featured displays or near your checkout counter to catch the eye of those waiting in line. Unless your goal is distance visibility for your mall kiosk, keep digital signage close to eye level, where customers can’t miss it.

Capabilities vary, depending on the digital signage software and equipment you choose. Before you make that decision, there are a number of factors you should consider, from the user interface and ease of component integration to security and weather protection for outdoor kiosks. Look for software that will track usage. That way, you can determine what draws the most customer engagement and refine your content accordingly.

When you incorporate digital signage, you can attract more interest in your kiosk and give each customer a more personalized shopping experience.

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