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4 Factors that Affect the Lifespan of Your Mall Kiosk

Posted by Kathy Heil on Feb 28, 2018 9:36:00 AM
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Investing in a mall kiosk is a great way to start your career as an entrepreneur. But something you may not realize is that kiosks have a lifespan – typically about 4-6 years. At some point, your mall kiosk will need to be replaced due to wear and tear, and that’s something you'll want to plan for. But there are also things you can do to extend the life of your kiosk.

Here are four key factors that affect your kiosk’s longevity.

Mall location

Location is everything, especially in retail. When it comes to a mall kiosk, “location” has two meanings. It’s crucial to choose the right mall — one that offers plenty of potential buyers in your demographic. But it’s equally important that your kiosk be well-placed within the mall. Choose your locations wisely, and your kiosk will be positioned to perform well over time.

A mall that provides after-hours security will protect your kiosk from theft as well as damage, which will extend the life of your investment.

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The more the merrier, right? Without traffic you would have no sales. But heavy foot traffic not only puts more eyes on your kiosk, it generates more bumps and bruises from people and packages passing by. You can combat the inevitable scratches, scuffs, and chips with periodic touch-ups. Small fixes are faster, easier, and less costly, and they ensure your kiosk always looks its best.


You probably don’t expect to move your kiosk once you’ve chosen a location and it’s been approved by mall management, but things change. When your lease expires, the mall may want to relocate you. Or you may want to request an upgrade to a more potentially lucrative location. Whatever the reason, physically moving your kiosk adds to wear and tear in new ways. If you have to move multiple times, that multiplies the chances of structural damage.

At the least, you should hire a professional mover who knows how to protect the structural integrity of your kiosk. For best results, we recommend hiring the company that built and installed your kiosk to disassemble and reassemble it in its new locale.

Who knows? If you’re relocating, it might be the perfect time to consider changes to your kiosk’s overall configuration. Or perhaps a merchandising makeover. (Just don’t go so far that you lose your established branding. You want new shoppers to see your kiosk, but you want existing customers to easily find you in your new spot!)


Your mall kiosk is like everything else in life — take good care of it and it will last longer. A space that is clean and tidy is more likely to entice customers, too. So along with tending to minor repairs, start each day with a sparkling clean and well-stocked presence.

Someday, you will have to replace your kiosk. But in the meantime, the more you do to prolong its life, the greater the return you’ll get from your investment.eBook Download Retail Psychology

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