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Maximize Wall Space With These 8 Store Shelving Tips

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jul 18, 2017 3:33:43 PM

store shelvingNecessity is the mother of invention, right? So when you’re faced with a limited amount of space in your retail store and you need to display or stash more merchandise, you have to get creative. Shelving is a great solution. It not only houses and shows-off products, it can also look decorative. Done correctly, shelves can even enhance your visual marketing.

Shelving works throughout your store

Perimeter displays make the most of wall space. But adding shelving to floor fixtures also helps maximize wall space, by freeing it up for other uses. You could display printed or digital lifestyle posters that help customers visualize using or wearing your products. You could post signs that direct shoppers to departments, promote your latest sale, or invite participation in your loyalty rewards program.

Any or all of these store shelving tips could be exactly the solution you need:

  1. Gondolas (freestanding fixtures) create aisles of shelves, whether you place them in a rigid grid pattern or use them to create a more meandering path for shoppers. If you need more space, consider whether you can adjust shelf heights to better accommodate different sizes of items.
  2. Also consider whether going up a shelf or two would work. If that puts merchandise beyond easy reach, you could use the higher shelves to store backup stock or display not-for-sale decorative items that enhance your in-store branding. Avoid going upward if it will cut off customer (or staff) cross-store visibility, though. This can look awkward and can hinder customer navigation.

  3. Or consider going low, using “wasted” space below the surface of tables and showcases for shelving instead. Low customer-facing shelves are perfect for items that appeal to little kids. Back-facing shelves are ideal for storage.

  4. Anything you can do on the wall you can also do on an endcap, whether you create a display that is 1-, 2-, or 3-sided.

  5. You can also create a free-standing wall. Make it clear, with just a few shelves, so customers can easily see what’s beyond the divider. Or line your divider wall with shelves on both sides to separate departments.

  6. Corners are great places for shelving, too. All too often, they become dead zones, especially if you’re using ready-made fixtures that don’t quite fit your store’s dimensions.

  7. Always be careful not to over-crowd your shelves. Otherwise, your displays will overwhelm and intimidate customers instead of inspiring them to investigate products more closely.

  8. One final tip: don’t forget your cash wrap. There’s a highly visible wall behind it, and countertop display units create their own “walls” to display tempting impulse items.

Smart shelving can solve many problems at once. Done well, it can increase both your storage and display space, and even enhance the decor of your store. Now that's a triple play that should make any store owner happy.

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