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Security Tips for Wireless Stores

Posted by Kathy Heil on Apr 16, 2015 9:59:45 AM

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Nothing is a more tempting target for thieves than wireless and small electronics stores. Cell phones and other devices are not only popular for personal use, their small size makes them easy to pick up and conceal. Every retailer knows this is more than an annoyance. Shoplifting accounts for about 34% of retail losses each year, and, sadly, employee theft accounts for about 32%.

You can’t afford to ignore the need for security for your wireless and small electronics merchandise, but you also have to present a shopping environment that looks inviting and provides both live devices and an engaging experience. It’s a balancing act, whether your store is very large or something as small as a mall kiosk.

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Show customers you mean business when it comes to security.

  • Keep display fixtures low enough to ensure storewide visibility.
  • Use mirrors to remove blind spots.
  • Bluntly worded and strategically placed signs that warn against shoplifting can make your point.
  • Install video surveillance. Even fake cameras can send a strong message, though there are obvious advantages to having a live system that records in-store activity, especially if you do experience a loss. Remember that surveillance cameras only work when it’s turned on, and many losses occur after hours.
  • Position your cash wrap counter close enough to the entrance that staff manning the register can keep an eye on people coming and going.

You can put your most theft-popular items under lock and key, but that puts off shoppers as well as the bad guys. Because of the very nature of wireless and small electronics products, customers want to test them out before they buy. There are a number of products on the market that you can use to tether devices, but even if they’re retractable, these products don’t allow customers to interact much with the device.

A more advanced product, the CELLMATE, gives you the best of both worlds for cell phones. This system makes devices theft-proof without sacrificing your customer’s ability to pick up and play with the device to get a feel for it.

A friendly offense is a great defense.

Smart visual merchandising and obvious anti-theft measures are important security steps, but nothing can replace employees who pay close attention to customer behavior. When employees know you plan to prosecute thieves – and why – it’s easier to enlist their support in the fight against shoplifting. As an added benefit, this approach also helps weed out light-fingered employees. Teach your people to:

  • Make eye contact with each customer, and greet them with a smile.
  • Watch for suspicious behavior such as aimless wandering, and approach that individual with an offer to help them find what they’re looking for.
  • Keep displays fully stocked and tidy. That not only encourages sales to legitimate customers, it allows you to easily see if something is missing or out of place.

Finally, create and use an inventory management system, so you can know where you really stand when it comes to security for wireless and small electronics items.

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