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Storage vs Merchandising Space

Posted by adminx on Feb 21, 2013 6:01:05 AM

Storage Issues? Palmer Can Help

Imagine a kiosk footprint. Let’s say there are two sides that are ten feet long, two that are fifteen feet long. Within these “invisible walls” must sit all of your display cases, storage spaces, POS screens, workspace/office, supplies, and an entrance. Although this may seem like an overwhelming amount of things to include in this seemingly small space, it’s entirely doable, and Palmer Retail Solutions will make it a reality.


While the debate between storage space and merchandising space may seem like an either/or, having equal amounts of storage and merchandising space is not entirely out of the question. What is important is that you keep in mind the nature of your product and the most appropriate use of space Divided_Showcase_DSC_8705for that product.

For instance, if you have a service-style kiosk where you do hair braiding or styling, you likely have less need for display space, as your display will feature a few hair products, but will primarily be use to service the customer. Storage space, however, for cosmetic tools, cleaning supplies, hair products, and other necessities, is much more important for this kind of business. Perhaps only one side of the entire kiosk has a display case, where the rest is made of solid surface.

A watch distributor, on the other hand, is much more likely to want plenty of display cases. Remember, with an expensive product like watches or jewelry, every item that sits in the display case will also need to go into a locked storage space or safe at night. One of the most valuable tips that we give our kiosk customers of this type is that, generally, everything that you want out on display during the day is something that you want locked up at night.

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