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Tips for an Efficient Cash Wrap Counter This Holiday Season

Posted by Kathy Heil on Nov 23, 2015 4:41:27 PM

Efficient cash wrap counter

In an earlier article, we talked about ideal placement for your cash wrap counter. Now let’s look at how you can make that space more efficient this holiday season. The cash wrap counter is both your last interaction with today’s customer and a golden opportunity to reinforce their excellent experience with you so they become tomorrow’s customer as well.

Efficiency is the key. And not only during the busy holiday season. Results of a recently-released international study show customers are willing to spend more and return to your store more often, if only you make their checkout experience more efficient. Such a small thing, really, but the benefits can be tremendous.

Make your cash wrap counter all about your customer.

What do they see when they approach your checkout station? Is there enough counter space to set down their purchases and their purse and still have room to write a check or sign a receipt? Or has it become a dumping ground for supplies, returned merchandise, post-it notes, and a jumble of “stuff” posing as impulse items? Clutter doesn’t say you’re busy, it says you’re sloppy.

Does it look fresh and clean, or is it already showing signs of the holiday rush such as smudged fingerprints and chipped paint. Visuals that indicate lack of attention to detail subtly tell customers you may not be very attentive in other ways, either. They can lose trust. Your reputation can suffer. 

If you add cash registers or checkout stations during the holidays, group them rather than sprinkling them throughout your store. Multiple locations may seem customer-friendly, but the net effect will be to keep shoppers from seeing merchandise in other parts of your store. That’s a missed opportunity for both of you. 

Use the area adjacent to your counter to promote gift cards and other last-minute impulse buys as well as overlooked necessities such as batteries or tape. Pre-wrapped gifts are especially appreciated by harried shoppers. 

Instead of displaying impulse items on the wall behind your counter, though, use that space for folding and wrapping, to speed the sales transaction.

Rev up your point-of-sale system.  

With the right POS electronics, you can keep things flowing smoothly at your cash wrap counter and augment customer service at the same time. Shoppers tend to be in a hurry during the holiday season, and even those who aren’t don’t appreciate getting the run-around. Cash registers that are “down” or out of paper, inability to check inventory details using the system or other breakdowns in efficiency are frustrating. They can send a shopper on the brink of buying right out the door instead.

Efficiency has to do with speed, but it’s also an esoteric experience. Your cash wrap counter should feel comfortable and inviting, and come with a friendly smile no matter how busy or tired your sales person may be. It’s the culmination of a satisfying shopping experience, and when customers leave satisfied, they’ll be back.

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