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Wireless Endcap Displays

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jul 21, 2014 1:52:12 PM

Take advantage of wireless endcap displays

Endcaps are often described as the most important selling spaces within any retail store. When you incorporate wireless displays, your endcaps are not only more visually attractive to shoppers, they can enhance the customer experience as well. Wireless display endcaps can be anything from a tablet incorporated into a merchandise display to a free-standing, fully interactive kiosk strategically placed at the end of an aisle.Palmer End Cap Displays

Are wireless display endcaps worth it?

All the way back in 2007, Home Depot Canada proved the value of interactive screens when they launched a multi-media lifestyle campaign called “Create the Deck of Your Dreams.” The campaign featured wireless display endcaps, which the company credits with boosting sales of deck accessories by 50% and driving a significant increase in sales of related goods and services.

For cell phone companies, placing wireless display endcaps in relevant retail stores are an obvious choice. Endcaps allow the companies to literally take their store to consumers who are shopping in other types of stores, broadening reach and increasing sales. The hosts store benefits, too, because these endcaps provide a valuable additional service for their customers.

In this example, the display design is minimalist, yet extremely effective. It provides an all-inclusive customer experience, and it incorporates the key elements of any successful endcap:

  • Simple, strong header.
  • Easy-access product demonstration display.
  • Gondola shelving below to hold product stock.

Wireless display endcaps aren’t just for cell phones.

Retailers are using wireless endcaps to offer interactive demonstrations of a wide variety of electronics products. They’re incorporating LCD monitors that can run a video loop to educate customers about how to buy or use the product, to show color choices or other options, etc.

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Interactive screens can link your customers with your store’s website, to find more detailed product information. You’re helping them make a buying decision about the merchandise featured on the endcap, and you can also secure add-on sales by promoting complementary merchandise nearby down an adjacent aisle.

Digital technology is more than a trend

It is now widely used to handle back-end workflow in retail operations, and it’s becoming a necessity to attract customer interest and drive loyalty, by seamlessly connecting in-store and online experience. It’s increasingly important to give your customers the best of both worlds:

  • Online shopping offers far greater opportunities for discovering detailed product information, reading online reviews, comparing competitive products and pricing, etc.
  • In-store shopping offers a chance to personally see and feel merchandise, something customers often prefer, and it enables buyers to leave the store with product in hand. Instant gratification trumps having to wait for delivery.

The better your endcaps perform, the better your store performs

Management is smoother and the bottom line more profitable. During busy times, interactive endcaps that allow customers to serve themselves can alleviate pressure on sales staff. And if it’s your customer who’s in a hurry, they’ll appreciate the ability to transact their entire purchase at the endcap rather than having to wait in line at a cash register.

The most important thing to know about wireless display endcaps is that they are surprisingly versatile. Technology grabs attention, and when you use technology to make the buying experience easier, you’ll increase sales and customer loyalty. A full-service retail display company can give you expert guidance to explore your options, so you can create endcaps individually designed to match your space and merchandising goals.

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