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Merchandising Floor Plan with Fixtures

Posted by aderby on Sep 4, 2013 11:24:03 AM

Effectively use your retail display space.

Floor fixtures are freestanding retail displays used to maximize sales in a retail environment. They often display new or featured products and smaller impulse buy items such as add-ons to your store’s main product. They are great for featuring those “quick decision” products or accessories that complement a main product line. Make the most of your freestanding floor fixtures by designing a merchandising floor plan that will highlight your products.

Merchandising Floor Plan

merchandising floor plan Grid Layout

Before deciding on a layout, decide what your objective is. If your business is dependent on customer interaction, and one-on-one sales tactics, keep ample space in mind. Leave room on the floor for customer service.

One popular floor layout with fixtures in mind is the grid layout. The grid layout is a linear design that features and relies on floor fixtures for structure. Freestanding fixtures create aisles and pathways in the store to direct traffic.

A grid plan thrives on organization, lending itself perfectly to a self-service market. It's intuitive and easy to navigate. Retail stores that carry consumables or bulk orders will benefit most from this layout as the fixtures can carry high quantities of items and diminishes the need for replenishment.

If your goals are to drive traffic and encourage self-service shopping, the grid layout is the one for you. It's functional and efficient allowing employees to focus on the store rather than stocking and assisting customers.

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