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5 Ways to Improve Your End Cap Displays

End cap displays can be a gold mine for almost any retail store, but they’re especially valuable where gondolas and similar shelving units are common, because there’s an opportunity at the end of every row. Industry watchers disagree on the exact...

Tips to Energize Your Endcaps

Boost Sales by Enhancing Center-of-Store Displays

If you put as much creative effort into enhancing center-of-store merchandising as you do into building motivating perimeter displays, just imagine how much you could boost sales. Since endcaps are...

Wireless Endcap Displays

Take advantage of wireless endcap displays

Endcaps are often described as the most important selling spaces within any retail store. When you incorporate wireless displays, your endcaps are not only more visually attractive to shoppers, they can...

When is the right time to add end cap displays?

Tips for End Cap Displays

If you’re a retailer, it’s always the right time to add end cap displays. They are proven winners when it comes to boosting sales, so you want to take every opportunity to incorporate them into your merchandise...

Take Advantage of End Caps

Create effective end caps to help you sell more.

End cap displays are notoriously golden sales areas for retailers. With a little creative merchandising – the right products and the right presentation – your end caps will keep paying big dividends...

How to Increase Sales with Endcaps

Get your business out of a retail slump.

The retail sector is fickle. What do you do when the daily sales receipts are down? Palmer Retail Solutions brings you some tips to survive a sales slump by focusing on your endcaps.

Keep Consumers Interested

How to Use Endcaps Effectively

Make the most out of your endcap with these selling tips.

Palmer Retail Solutions derives great satisfaction from designing unique solutions that incorporate maximum functionality, ergonomics and offer long-lasting service. This commitment carries...

Endcaps 101

In the retail marketing industry, placement is everything. As many of you may (or may not) know, endcaps are one of most highly visible spots in the retail world. They allow for maximum exposure for products and usually offer a preview for what may...